The specialist Occupational Physicians provide independent medical assessments to determine the fitness of your employee to safely perform the inherent characteristics of their job.

TeleHealth General Information  

TeleHealth allows patients to have a secure consultation with the Specialist using an internet-based video and audio platform. It will be the same as having a consultation in their office without being physically present. The Specialist will not be able to perform a physical examination, which maybe required at a later date. It is intended for:

  • New and follow-up patients living in remote areas
  • New and follow-up patients living in Metropolitan Brisbane but far enough away from the Specialist’s office to make a consultation in person difficult. This applies to patients who are relatively infirm or where transport to Cannon Hill would be difficult
  • OccPhyz Consulting Specialist’s utilise a secure web-based video conferencing platform.


Our normal private fees apply for the telehealth consultation.

Workers’ Compensation rates apply to claims requiring telehealth consultations.

What do I need to access my TeleHealth Consultation?
You will require a PC or Mac (desktop or laptop) or mobile device (iPad or smart phone) that has built in video and audio functions or is connected to similar external devices.

An internet connection sufficient to handle video is also required, e.g.: a standard NBN connection. You can check that these facilities are operating normally on your computer by doing a simple test using Skype or FaceTime with a friend beforehand. Alternatively, call to speak to our administration staff, who can talk you through a test ahead of your consultation.

What is the process?

The Specialists are available for TeleHealth consultations at dedicated times.

A referral from your GP, specialist or referring third party is required as per usual.

If you would like to make an appointment for a TeleHealth Consultation, please contact reception on (07) 3348 9611.

Alternatively, you can review the Appointments section of the website and make a realtime booking via the Patient Portal. Select “Telehealth” option.

Required Forms to be completed 5 days before telehealth appointment. Please download to complete your forms below:

  1. Pre-examination Questionnaire and Consent Form
  2. Telehealth Consent Form
  3. Copy of Photo ID

Note: Your forms must signed and completed and emailed to us at 5 days before your appointment or your consultation cannot proceed.

Our admin staff will contact you 24 hours before your appointment day to test your connection.

OccPhyz Consulting uses 3 telehealth platforms/programs:

  • GP Consults
  • GoToMeeting 
  • Zoom meeting

Depending on your available device and internet connect, one of our preferred telehealth programs will be chosen on the test day.

You will be emailed a confirmed time and “Meeting ID” number (otherwise known as “Access Code”) to access your consultation.

Five (5) minutes before your appointment time follow the “Attend a Booked Consultation” instructions listed in the section below.

How to attend a booked TeleHealth Consultation

To attend a Booked TeleHealth Consultation, click and follow the message instructions emailed or SMS to you.

You will be taken to the internet browser on your device where you will be prompted to follow instructions to allow your camera and microphone access on your device.

  • Zoom meeting – will require the Zoom meeting App to be downloaded to your device.
  • GoToMeeting – will require the GoToMeeting App to be downloaded to your device.
  • GP Consults – will open to your internet browser on your iPad or smart phone

Note: iPads and smart phones may require Apps from the relevant device App store to be downloaded and installed on the device. The Apps are free to download.

Once you have opened the connection you will follow the prompts to the website form where a number of automated steps will be initiated – simply be patient and wait for the process to complete.

First-time users will be prompted to install our platform program (or a free Pad / iPhone app, depending on your preferred device) when you connect with your consultation.

There should be a minimum of interaction required on your part.

Eventually the TeleHealth software will appear and will automatically attempt to join the meeting.

Note: You may be required to click the “Share My Webcam” button within the app to start using video.

Both parties (the Specialist and the Patient) need to successfully join the meeting session before the Consultation can start.


Did not receive my SMS message or email to join TeleHealth consultation?
Contact our rooms on 07 3348 9611 to speak to our administration staff to assist.

Cannot open my connection or see/hear my Specialist?
Your device needs permission to access your camera/webcam and microphone.

Check you internet speed. Video consultations require a minimum 8 mbps of download speed to function.

Connection is lost during the consultation?
Wait for the Specialist to reconnect. Our administration team will call you to troubleshoot or reschedule another appointment.

Fitness for Work assessments are independent assessments to determine the fitness of your employee to safely perform the inherent characteristics of their job. 

A Fitness for Work assessment is used to determine if your employee is fit to complete the inherent requirements of their role without risk to their own or other’s health and safety. This assessment is completed by an independent medical examiner who has not previously treated the employee.

The Occupational and Environmental Physician’s will provide a medico-legal report which will include:

  • Detailed history of event with file review
  • Assess single, multiple and or complex injuries
  • Medical history
  • Current health situation
  • Clinical findings
  • Investigations – will review past and/or order new targeted investigations to determine diagnosis
  • Medical diagnosis/s
  • Causation of injury/mechanism of injury
  • Capacity for work
  • Medical recommendations
  • Workplace restrictions
  • Address multiple employer questions 

A Fitness for Work assessment is a whole of person assessment which will address both work and non work-related injuries and illnesses.

Independent Medical Examinations or IME are provided for Workers’ Compensation insurers, legal companies, insurers, and other companies requiring independent medical opinion and advice. The Occupational Physicians are experts in addressing the requirements of an IME report. Other types of IME reports include: 

  • Medico-legal assessment
  • Rehabilitation assessment
  • Initial treating needs assessment
  • 2nd Opinion Independent Medical Examination

The specialists are trained to perform Permanent Impairment (PI) assessments using the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th, 5th and 6th Editions. We have approved IME assessors for the following states: 


What is a Permanent Impairment (PI) assessment?  

A Permanent Impairment (PI) assessment is a type of assessment performed once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), which you are unlikely to improve or deteriorate significantly in the next 12 months. The doctor will assess your impairment based on very specific instructions and criteria developed by WorkCover QLD – for more information visit or the relevant State Workers’ Compensation Jurisdiction relating to your claim. If you are being assessed in relation to Compulsory Third Party claims e.g injuries sustained in a motor vehicle crash, the assessment will be made using clinical judgement, radiological tests and the rating guides utilising the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 4th, 5th or 6th Editions. 

Health Surveillance is the ongoing monitoring of workers who have known or unexpected exposure to hazardous substances. It can facilitate the early detection of disease and may allow for intervention to halt or even reverse a disease process. Requirements for health surveillance vary between jurisdictions and industries.

Health Surveillance medicals should be conducted on employment to get a baseline, and then periodically depending on the hazardous substances. 

The Occupational Physicians can provide health monitoring for the following substances:

  • Acrylonitrile.
  • Asbestos.
  • Arsenic.
  • Benzene.
  • Cadmium.
  • Creostoe.
  • Chromium (inorganic).
  • Crystalline Silica.
  • Isocyanate.
  • Mercury (inorganic).
  • Lead (inorganic).
  • Organophosphate Pesticides.
  • Pentachlorophenol (PHP).
  • Polycyclicaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH).
  • MOCA.
  • Thallium.
  • Vinyl Chloride.

OccPhyz Consulting offers the following services to Insurers for improved claims management:

  • Discussions on individual claimants as required.
  • Educational presentation and seminars.
  • File Review of complex and difficult claims.
  • Guidance appropriate and timely medical assessments and management of claimant’s injuries.

OccPhyz Consulting has some of Australia’s leading physicians in medico-legal assessments and reporting. The Occupational Physicians are highly trained and skilled to provide independent medical opinions relating to: 

  • Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • Medical Negligence claims.
  • CTP insurance claims.
  • TPD insurance claims. 

The Occupational Physicians are experts in providing independent medical opinions to the courts. 

With a referral from your treating Doctor we are able to provide treatment and management on the following: 

  • Return to work strategies.
  • Occupational environmental exposures.
  • Workers Compensation claim management. 

With treatment advice a medicare rebate is applicable under item 385

The Occupational Physicians can provide independent medical opinion for Forensic File Review. They are experts in forensic discovery and reporting on findings in complex medical files requiring direction and medical comment regarding a claimant’s file history. This type of report does not involve seeing your patient/claimant/employee. Generally, we make an appointment for a Forensic File Review in the same way as you would for any claimant, except there is no consultation time. The timeframe required for you to receive your report depends entirely upon the amount of reading material and investigative work required by the Occupational Physician completing this report. Hence, our fee is based on an hourly rate.

A worksite assessment is a specialised service aimed at observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of the business. During an assessment, a wide range of data about the workplace is collected and analysed to develop an idea about the business operations.

Carrying out regular worksite assessments is a proactive way of identifying common workplace hazards and initiating action to prevent injuries and work related illness.

The experienced occupational & environmental specialists can show your business how to use a workplace assessment as a highly effective hazard identification and control monitoring tool. We can also demonstrate how to include hazards that cannot be seen e.g. gaps in training, non-adherence to SWMS etc.

The specialists work closely with local State and federal Health departments, Public Health units and SafeWork Australia and State-based Workplace, Health & Safety units in identifying, managing risks and providing worksite reports.  We are also consciously aware of media block out and awareness of protecting the business reputation following an incident.

Conducting a workplace assessment

Workplace assessments are conducted on either an entire workplace or just a single section. All employees regardless of the industry are prone to some level of work-related risks. Minor injuries can include back pains, strain injuries, stress and migraines. To improve productivity in a workplace, assessments are conducted and discussions with business owners/managers are held to determine persistent problems.  

The specialists will come to the workplace to observe the environment and infrastructure.  After an assessment, a worksite report is prepared, and managers issued with recommendations with the aim of improving the organisational health and safety onsite.  Some common workplace recommendations include:

  •         Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  •         Ergonomic changes
  •         Hygiene standards
  •         Environmental hazard reduction
  •         Business/Worker education
  •         Review of policy and procedures
  •         Immunisations

Benefits of a workplace assessment

A business referring an employee for a formal IME/FFW assessment, may prefer the specialists to be familiar with the operations, layout and equipment used onsite. The specialists are able to provide advice including:

  •         Review of workplace policy and procedures,
  •         health concerns,
  •         identify and risk manage the workplace environment, and
  •         review third party reports on health monitoring, return to work strategies, and other related workplace reports.

 An assessment may usually be required following hazard or incident reporting, or the introduction of a new process, procedure or plant.

Workplace hazards vary according to industries and workplace types, but some common workplace hazards include:

  • Infection/Disease transmission
  • Hazardous liquids, gases, compounds
  • Radiation
  • Constant loud noise
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature extremes
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Confined spaces
  • Working from ladders, scaffolding or heights
  • Spills, Tripping hazards
  • Electrical
  • Forklifts / Unguarded machinery
  • Biological waste
  • Office Stress
  • Sociological Constraints
  • Mental Health Hazards

Workplace Inspection Process:

When carrying out a workplace inspection we consider:

  • Listening to the concerns of the business owner/managers, its workers and their representatives
  • Analysing workplace hazards and incident reporting data
  • Identifying existing and potential hazards and determining their underlying cause
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of any previously implemented hazard controls.

We also will look at the environment, equipment, and the process of work.

The environment can include noise, vibration, lighting, temperature and ventilation.

Equipment includes vehicles, tools and materials.

The work process relates to how the worker interacts with related elements while carrying out a task or operation.


Prices are tailored.

New clients are offered a complimentary initial worksite visit to meet and discuss your operations with the specialists.  No formal report is provided at this visit.


The specialists available for worksite assessments across Queensland and northern New South Wales.  

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As Corporate Consultants we work with clients to solve various issues, create value, maximise growth and to improve overall business performance.

We use our knowledge, skills and experience to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist competencies which clients need to achieve their objectives.

We are able to provide advice on workplace policy and procedures, health concerns, identify and risk manage the workplace environment, and review third party reports on health monitoring, return to work strategies, and other related workplace reports.

Military Medicine is a specialised field as the health needs of defence personnel can be more complex than those of the general population. Dr Chris Cunneen is Colonel in the Australian Army and is approved by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to perform independent medical assessment and/or provide specialist treatment advice. 

Fees are based upon type of referral, reading and preparation time for the report. DVA item numbers apply for treatment advice.