Worksite Assessments

A worksite assessment is a specialised service aimed at observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of the business. During an assessment, a wide range of data about the workplace is collected and analysed to develop an idea about the business operations.

Carrying out regular worksite assessments is a proactive way of identifying common workplace hazards and initiating action to prevent injuries and work related illness.

Our experienced Occupational & Environmental specialists can show your business how to use a workplace assessment as a highly effective hazard identification and control monitoring tool. We can also demonstrate how to include hazards that cannot be seen e.g. gaps in training, non-adherence to SWMS etc.

Our specialists work closely with local State and Federal Health departments, Public Health units and SafeWork Australia and State-based Workplace, Health & Safety units in identifying, managing risks and providing worksite reports.  We are also consciously aware of media block out and awareness of protecting the business reputation following an incident.

Conducting a workplace assessment
Workplace assessments are conducted on either an entire workplace or just a single section. All employees regardless of the industry are prone to some level of work-related risks. Minor injuries can include back pains, strain injuries, stress and migraines. To improve productivity in a workplace, assessments are conducted and discussions with business owners/managers are held to determine persistent problems.  

Our specialists will come to the workplace to observe the environment and infrastructure.  After an assessment, a worksite report is prepared, and managers issued with recommendations with the aim of improving the organisational health and safety onsite.  Some common workplace recommendations include:

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Ergonomic changes
  • Hygiene standards
  • Environmental hazard reduction
  • Business/Worker education
  • Review of policy and procedures
  • Immunisations

Benefits of a workplace assessment
A business referring an employee for a formal Independent Medical Examination/Fitness for Work assessment, may prefer our specialists to be familiar with the operations, layout and equipment used onsite. Our specialists are able to provide advice including:

  • Review of workplace policy and procedures,
  • Health concerns,
  • Identify and risk manage the workplace environment, and
  • Review third party reports on health monitoring, return to work strategies, and other related workplace reports.  An assessment may usually be required following hazard or incident reporting, or the introduction of a new process, procedure or plant.

Workplace hazards vary according to industries and workplace types, but some common workplace hazards include:

  • Infection/Disease transmission
  • Hazardous liquids, gases, compounds
  • Radiation
  • Constant loud noise
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature extremes
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Confined spaces
  • Working from ladders, scaffolding or heights
  • Spills, Tripping hazards
  • Electrical
  • Forklifts / Unguarded machinery
  • Biological waste
  • Office Stress
  • Sociological Constraints
  • Mental Health Hazards

Workplace Inspection Process:
When carrying out a workplace inspection we consider:

  • Listening to the concerns of the business owner/managers, its workers and their representatives
  • Analysing workplace hazards and incident reporting data
  • Identifying existing and potential hazards and determining their underlying cause
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of any previously implemented hazard controls.

We also will look at the environment, equipment, and the process of work.

The environment can include noise, vibration, lighting, temperature and ventilation.

Equipment includes vehicles, tools and materials.

The work process relates to how the worker interacts with related elements while carrying out a task or operation.

To discuss how a Worksite Assessment can benefit your organisation contact our friendly staff on (07) 3348 9611.