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Occphyz Health is unique in Australia by being the only group practice where all assessments are performed by a specialist Occupational and Environmental Physician (OEP). Our clients have described to us a need for expert assessments to be performed to identify and help them manage and reduce the health risks of workers. Occupational and Environmental Physicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of occupational health risk and management, so they identify all of the concerns. Occupational nurses, technicians and general practitioners with an interest in occupational health (occupational doctors) do not have this level of training and experience.

OccPhyz Health now offers a comprehensive range of services to help employers and employees reduce their occupational health risk. These services include:

Our passion is in spreading the message of the health benefits of good work. Our interest is in helping employers provide a safe and healthy workplace and to manage treatment of injuries and illness to minimise any time that workers are not able to work.

We have spent the past few months acquiring additional equipment and supplies, and preparing detailed policies and procedures to ensure we are properly prepared to offer these additional services on a wide scale. To better reflect our additional services, we have adopted an updated colour scheme and logo. We redesigned our website to be able to fully inform all stakeholders about the services we now offer, including detailed Frequently Asked Questions sections where needed.

Please review all of our services on our newly redesigned website, and call us to discuss how we may help you.

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