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Workplace Vaccinations

OccPhyz can provide workplace vaccinations as part of your pre-employment medicals or in periodic health medicals to help prevent disease in your workplace.

Many employees are now working overseas or in environments where recommended vaccines may be necessary to either eliminate or minimise the risk and enhance the protection of vaccine-preventable diseases.  Some vaccinations will be required by International Health Regulations or for entry/ exit into specific countries.

It is not unusual that multiple vaccines would be required before travelling.  Multiple clinic visits may be necessary when multiple vaccines and vaccines with multiple doses are involved.  Ideally vaccination courses should be started early enough before departure to allow for the period when most adverse events are expected to occur and to allow sufficient time for adequate immunity to develop.

OccPhyz will:

  • Ensure that the right person is vaccinated.
  • Order appropriate serology tests to check immunity before giving some vaccinations. Order serology tests after the vaccination to check levels of immunity as required.
  • Ensure which vaccine(s) are indicated, including any previously missed vaccine doses.
  • Consider whether alternative or additional vaccines should be given.
  • Check that the correct time interval has passed since prior vaccine(s).

All vaccinations given by one of our staff members will be registered on The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR): https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/australian-immunisation-register

The employee’s personal vaccination records will be updated. If they don’t already have an International certificate of vaccination booklet, they will be given one.

Any of our Occupational & Environmental Physicians would be happy to discuss a workplace vaccination program with your company prior to the commencement of any staff vaccinations.

Refer FAQ’s below for further information on QFever vaccinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is QFever?

Q Fever is a disease that can be spread to humans mainly from cattle, sheep and goats. The germ is spread in the urine, faeces and milk, but birth fluids, the foetus and the placenta are the most dangerous sources. When infected fluids dry out, the germ can remain alive in the dust for years.

Our three Occupational & Environmental Physicians are registered on the Australian Q Fever Register to provide Q Fever vaccinations.


If you are immune to Q Fever you cannot get the disease. If you have ever had a vaccination against Q Fever, a test to say that you are immune, or the Q Fever disease diagnosed by a doctor you will not need this vaccination. The duration of protective immunity following immunisation is unknown, but is believed to be more than 5 years. If you don’t know if you have had the disease, or a vaccination against it, and you are working in an industry where you are at risk, your employer should ask you to have a test to check if you are immune.  If you are unsure if you were vaccinated for Q Fever, then you can check the Q Fever Register on the above web site.

Q Fever vaccinations will normally require 2 visits to our clinic.  The first visit you will receive information from our Physician on Q Fever and a skin test, to check if you are immune. You will be given a pathology slip to have a blood test taken when you leave our clinic.  This must be done the same day, otherwise the results will not be back for your next visit.

The 2nd visit MUST BE 7 days after the first visit. At this consult the Physician will check the site you were given the skin test and the pathology results to decide if you need to be given the vaccination.

There will be rare cases where the result is inconclusive and you may be given a test dose and will be asked to come back in within the next 2 to 3 weeks as directed by our Physician.

Q Fever must be completed on specific paperwork provided by Australian Q Fever Register and all Q Fever vaccinations given by any OccPhyz staff will be registered on this this site.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday from 8am by calling 07 33489611.  SMS reminders sent to the candidate no later than the day prior to their appointment.

The candidate will be emailed an information prior to their appointment, which includes frequently asked questions and what to bring to their appointment.

What happens with the results?

Proof of vaccination or exemption will be provided to both the employee and the employer.

These will be emailed to your company within one day of the appointment.  Morning appointments will normally be back that afternoon, with afternoon appointments available early the next working day.  There will be some cases where serology will need to be ordered before the vaccination is given, which may delay the employee receiving the request vaccination.

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