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Urine Drug Screening

OccPhyz can perform Urine Drug Screening as part of your pre-employment medicals or health surveillance program.

Prior to implementing a Drug & Alcohol Testing Program your company needs to have a Drug & Alcohol Policy. If you would like advice, our Occupational & Environmental Physician can assist.

Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Drug and alcohol testing is increasingly becoming an additional test to a Pre-employment medical. It can also be used for: –

  • Random Testing.
  • Reasonable cause – where the company suspects an employee is working whilst impaired by alcohol or another drug.
  • Work related injury.

All our testing is conducted by Nationally accredited staff member, using Australian Standard Drug and Alcohol Testing kits. Performed in accordance with AS/NZS4308

Our kits incorporate adulteration testing which detects any tampering of samples.

Should the result of an Instant Drug Screen be non-negative, it will be forwarded to QML Pathology for further testing (GCMS) which are a NATA accredited laboratory.

Some of the benefits of conducting drug screening in medicals include:

  • Reduction in Workers Compensation claims.
  • A Safer working environment.
  • Reduced risk to the business and other employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

FAQ's for employees -
How do we make an appointment?

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday from 8am by calling 07 33489611.  SMS reminders sent to the candidate no later than the day prior to their appointment.

The candidate will be emailed an information prior to their appointment, which includes frequently asked questions and what to bring to their appointment.

What happens with the results?

A copy is provided to both the employee and the employer

These will be emailed to your company within one day of the appointment.  Morning appointments will normally be back that afternoon, with afternoon appointments available early the next working day.

If a GCMS Pathology test is required, it will be a further 48hrs before the results will be received at OccPhyz.

What happens if a drug screen was requested and a non-negative result occurs?

The urine sample will be sent to the QML for further testing.  The pathology test performed is a Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS).

How long will it take to get the results of this test back?

It will take up to 48hrs before our rooms will be forwarded these results.

How will our company know that the urine sample provided by the candidate was a non-negative result?

You will receive an email within 24hrs of the medical. This will be sent to the secure email on your summary form. It advises the results were NON-NEGATIVE – requires further testing (results to be confirmed by Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry).

When the results are received back at OccPhyz from QML, how do you notify us?

A GCMS – Confirmatory Test Results form will be emailed back to the secure address on the referral form.

Is there a charge for each separate Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) test?

Yes, there will be fee for each non-negative result.

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