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Rail Safety Workers Medical


At OccPhyz, all Rail Safety Workers medical assessments are performed by specialist Occupational Physicians.

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety workers aims to ensure the national rail system is safe and to help rail workers maintain sound health and fitness. It also aims to ensure health assessment Standards are consistent across the rail industry. For more information refer to: – http://www.ntc.gov.au/rail/safety/national-standard-for-health-assessment-of-rail-safety-workers/

There are three different types of Rail Safety Workers medical assessments. Which type your employee needs is based on whether the work undertaken is safety critical or non-safety critical. A risk management approach is used to determine which category of health assessment applies to various types of work as follows:

  • Category 1: applies to rail safety workers who undertake safety critical work and whose ill health may result in sudden incapacity or collapse leading to a serious incident affecting public safety or the rail network.
  • Category 2: applies to rail safety workers who undertake safety critical work where sudden incapacity will not impact on the safety of the public or the rail network.
  • Category 3: applies to rail safety workers who undertake non-safety critical work and whose health and fitness does not impact directly on the rail network but who are required to protect their own safety and that of other workers.

Rail Safety Workers medical assessments are required for the following situations:

  • Pre- Employment or change or risk category health assessments
  • Periodic health assessments -depending on your risk category
  • Triggered health assessments – any time because of concerns about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday from 8am by calling 07 33489611.  SMS reminders sent to the candidate no later than the day prior to their appointment.

The candidate will be emailed information prior to their appointment that includes frequently asked questions and what to bring to their appointment.

What happens with the results?

These will be emailed to your company within *one day of the appointment.  Morning appointments will normally be back that afternoon, with afternoon appointments available early the next working day.

*If pathology is required as part of the assessment, the results will not be available on the day and therefore the complete report will be available after the results are received and assessed.

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