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Fitness for Work Assessment vs Return to Work Statement

Fitness for Work Assessment vs Return to Work Statement

At OccPhyz Consulting, our specialist Occupational Physicians provide independent medical assessments to determine the fitness of your employee to safely perform the inherent characteristics of their job.  They are:

  1. Comprehensive Fitness for Work Assessment and Report
  2. Return to Work Statement

The differences between a Fitness for Work Assessment and a Return to Work Statement are descibed below:

Fitness for Work Assessment Return to Work Statement
Whole of Person assessment Single Injury/illness event
Medico-legal report standard Letter to Employer
Will include:


  • History of event/claim
  • Multiple/complex injuries
  • Medical history
  • Current health situation
  • Clinical findings
  • Investigations
  • Medical Diagnosis/es
  • Causation of Injury
  • Capacity for Work
  • Medical Recommendations
  • Workplace Restrictions
  • Telecommunications with employer included
Will only address:


  • Capacity for Work based on specific injury/illness only
  • Workplace restrictions
Multiple questions addressed 1-2 questions only –
No additional questions permitted
Workers’ Comp claim – open or closed Workers’ Comp claim – must be closed
Non-work related injury/illness – Yes Non-work related injury/illness – Yes
May take up to 10 days for report Available same day /within 24 hours
Supplementary reports available Supplementary reports – not available
Referral letter from employer Referral letter from employer
Medical file notes and information GP/Specialist clearance for work
List of specific questions 1-2 questions only
Position description/Task Analysis Position description/Task Analysis

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