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Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme Medical

At OccPhyz, all Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme medical assessments are performed by specialist Occupational Physicians. OccPhyz is on the register of approved Spirometry clinics and doctors.

Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme medical assessments are required in Queensland:

  • Before a person starts work as a mine worker.
  • Periodically, as decided by the employers nominated medical adviser (NMA), but at least once every 5 years
  • Prospective employees will complete an Interim Health Assessment and enables the employer to assess your initial suitability for employment. You will not be issued with the Health Assessment Report Section 4, until you are employed
  • Retirement – Retirement Examination Medical (CHSHR2)

Changes to the regulations governing coal mining safety and health in Queensland and took effect on 1 January 2017. These changes expand the scope and documentation of the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme. The new forms for Health Assessments and the details about the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme can be found on the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines web site.

The new Health assessment form requires Section 1 to be completed by the employer and includes two new sections:

  • 2 Reasons for health assessment and matters to be addressed
  • 3 Requirement for respiratory function and chest X-ray examination.

The employer must also complete two new information boxes in Section 1:

  • The date of the coal mine worker’s last respiratory function examination
  • The date of coal mine worker’s last chest X-ray examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday from 8am by calling 07 33489611.  SMS reminders sent to the candidate no later than the day prior to their appointment.

The candidate will be emailed information prior to their appointment that includes frequently asked questions and what to bring to their appointment.

What happens with the results?

These will be emailed to your companies Nominated Medical adviser (NMA) within one day of the appointment.  Morning appointments will normally be back that afternoon, with afternoon appointments available early the next working day.

ILO Chest X-rays are assessed at least twice; firstly, by an Australian radiologist and then by US-based experts. By the end of this year, the second check will be done in Australia by qualified B-reader Australian radiologists. The Department’s Health Surveillance Unit (HSU) will forward the ILO Chest X-Ray image along with the two-reader signed consent form to the US based experts.

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